Abandon? Wild Abandon?

To do anything with abandon is to step outside the box of normal conventions and expectations while remaining focused and intentionally moving towards a vision or goal.


Wild Abandon is living first and foremost from your personal center, your natural state creating a flow of ease even in the most challenging of times and circumstances.

Sounds Great!  But how do I know what my ‘natural state’ is?


When I was a girl my Mom, a hairdresser, joked that she’d changed her hair color so many times she had forgotten her natural color.  I think that life can do that same thing to our connection to our natural state.

As human beings we are built to adapt. We adapt to changes in our surroundings, situations and circumstances. We adapt to keep up, move faster and learn new skills. We adapt to fit in, to be accepted, to belong. We adapt to escape painful situations, to avoid feelings of shame or to provide the space for someone else to do the same.

All this adapting if done without intention and focus can lead us to disconnect with out true nature, our natural state of being. We forget what it feels like to just be ourselves, to let go and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

How do I know if I’ve lost touch with my natural state?

It’s easier to answer that question in the positive.

What is it like to live with Wild Abandon?

  •     Creative
  •     Expressive
  •     Fully Engaged
  •     Present and Focused
  •     In tune with the world around you
  •     Energetic
  •     Fun
  •     Spontaneous
  •     Gracefully Structured
  •     Balanced and Flowing

When you are living with Wild Abandon, making choices from your natural center, staying connected to your deepest desires your relationships are stronger, you grow through challenges and by doing so encourage others around you to do the same.

Because living with Wild Abandon is contagious. 

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